Wednesday, 13 October 2010

moving fast...

Friday’s morning alarm clock rang at 4.15am. Last overview of the equipment, quick coffee and about an hour later i was already on the airport waiting for my flight to Dusseldorf.
I was hired by Marlin IT Ltd to photograph one of their energy trading workshops. Marlin IT is a UK based company specialized in real time energy market simulations, operational trading software and IT services.
The last stage of my trip was 2 hours in train from Dusseldorf to Aachen, my final destination. Workshops (one of many conducted by Marlin in various European cities ) took a place in Trianel headquarters. I managed to get there just after lunch. Beautiful, sunny, bright day, nice and spacious room surrounded by glass walls gave very good light for my work. Another over two hours were fulfilled with concentration and at the same time fantastic atmosphere and vivid reactions of participants. About 4.30pm workshops were finished.

Now the trickiest part - i had just about four hours for the departure of my plane to Dublin.
Before i had to get to train station, then again about 2 hours in the train to Dusseldorf, then get to the airport and break through few security stages. I found it more time consuming and complicated then even on Heathrow Airport which was the busiest one in my opinion...up to now ;)

I made it! Everything on time. Busy and very exciting day


  1. Wow. That sounds like stressfulll day, Artur. Glad to hear, that you still enjoyed the experience. Next time stay a night - both Düsseldorf and Aachen have lots to offer for photographers like yours. markus

  2. cant wait to see the results!!
    well done good trip

  3. Thank you guys!

    @ Markus - it was sort of stressful at the end of the day, especially when train driver announced that somehow we are running late and he is sorry about that. i had a vision of having about half an hour to plane departure being still on train station ;D
    At the same time it was very exciting day! great working environment and assignment itself. I am always enjoying this sort of work :D
    Unfortunately i couldn't stay longer. Lots of other duties...