Tuesday, 22 November 2011

...on the go (one day)

5am. I could not sleep... 

After a few minutes of looking at the room's ceiling I grabbed my bag and left hotel...City wakes up.  First cars on the street and wonderful smell of coffee from just opened coffee shops. Ten minutes with espresso and a cigarette over the corner ...good moment to load the film as well ;)
Then...there was just a walk through morning mist.

Waterloo Bridge
(Ilford Pan F Plus 50 in Caffenol-C-M)
National Theatre
 (Ilford Pan F Plus 50 in Caffenol-C-M)
On the River Thames bank
 (Ilford Delta 400 in Caffenol-C-L)


  1. That's what I call quality time. Love these moments.

  2. quality time...that's it ;) thanks Markus!

  3. wonderful work, enjoying your photographs and viewing a small glimpse into your city

  4. Thank you Elizabeth. Appreciate your comment.