Sunday, 20 June 2010

...the Show

In about two weeks starts PhotoIreland Festival , the biggest photo show in Ireland. Great time for people who loves photography. Lots of wonderful events but Exhibition at National College of Art and Design, (2-4 of July) is the one I would highly recommend.(Full details HERE)
You will see there works of my colleagues, very talented photographers.
Various themes and media. 
I will exhibit there a little project ‘Modernism as a Memorial of Functionality and Form’ - 6 silver gelatin prints showing pure modernist architecture at its best.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

David Noone Revisited...

I was asked about year ago to take few portraits of David for publicity purposes. David is a Dublin based writer, musician and actor. A long time collaborator with the artistic collective The Colour and Form Factory. He has just completed a collection of poetry and images in collaboration with groups founder K.J.Nolan titled 'My Cat’s Vicious Drunk'.
We had Very nice and effective photo session with lots of good images however I decided to repeat it. Maybe it’s just my obsession but Images taken at this time with DSLR camera were too flat. i wanted to have a good portrait with all tonality range and almost three dimensional touch given by properly exposed film. We agreed to repeat session last Sunday. Over two hours walking through Ranelagh with nice coffee break in the morning sun.
...And here we go.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

...into the past

In the last months of 2009 I worked on the project "traces of human existence". When wandering through places that could serve as a good material for the project I visited a wonderful old victorian building - The Pigeon House Power Station. This place made a great impression on me. Its space, atmosphere, emptiness and silence encompassing it ...
In the first moment I didn’t know where to start as almost every corner was worth photographing. Even though only one of the pigeon house photographs made a place in the final draft, the remaining has created other interesting mini-series.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

reality recorded...

This afternoon i have received a little package. Inside was a copy of my first book . Very small, simple or even ascetic in form selection of street photographs (my main object of interest)
“Faces of the City. Streets of Dublin” is a reality recorded on black and white negatives during last 2 years.

[7x7in, 24 photographs included 2 on the cover, produced with service]

Monday, 7 June 2010

fashion like...

Just a couple of months ago i wouldn’t say it’s possible. Artificial tuning and posing in fashion photography deprive it of reality which is extremely important to me. When taking photographs i document what i see, reality.
A few weeks ago I asked Alex, a friend of mine, to help me with my little project called “coffee flavour” . After this session we decided to try again with something different. It supposed to be a series of environmental portraits but with a slightly different approach: an abandoned place, simple old wedding dress and a few other elements used only for this session. Sounds very stagy...i know, not my cup of tea again. Anyway, I just wanted to try.
Medium format camera, a few rolls of film, quite good light and a bit odd place (hah... i love odd places) and here we first attempt to sort of fashion photography...... I am not there yet but it was fun and a good experience as Alex is great on both sides of the lens as you can see on her website and attached HERE images.
Just another step into the other side of me...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

On Stage...

Another assignment and another fantastic venue. This time Vicar Street - place where the most interesting gigs in Dublin are having place. I was responsible for photographing stage lighting designed by Cine-Electric Ltd , (Ireland's longest established Film, TV, Theatre & Event lighting provider ) for Simon Amstell's two performances . Simon is an award-winning English comedian and television presenter. Two performances were shot for a DVD by Universal Pictures UK. Perfect place as i said before and a perfect lighting. I was using here digital equipment again. We had not even 40 minutes for shooting. Exposure up to 10s to get everything properly so not much time however everything went smoothly. I’d like to thank Conor Jacob of Cine Electric’s lighting crew (who was a board operator on this show as well) for fantastic cooperation.