Monday, 7 June 2010

fashion like...

Just a couple of months ago i wouldn’t say it’s possible. Artificial tuning and posing in fashion photography deprive it of reality which is extremely important to me. When taking photographs i document what i see, reality.
A few weeks ago I asked Alex, a friend of mine, to help me with my little project called “coffee flavour” . After this session we decided to try again with something different. It supposed to be a series of environmental portraits but with a slightly different approach: an abandoned place, simple old wedding dress and a few other elements used only for this session. Sounds very stagy...i know, not my cup of tea again. Anyway, I just wanted to try.
Medium format camera, a few rolls of film, quite good light and a bit odd place (hah... i love odd places) and here we first attempt to sort of fashion photography...... I am not there yet but it was fun and a good experience as Alex is great on both sides of the lens as you can see on her website and attached HERE images.
Just another step into the other side of me...


  1. love the gallery, especially the final arturian portrait(have i just created a new term)
    you see your true photographic style can shine through in various
    settings and scenarios!!

  2. thank you David ;)
    arturian...hah... i like it ;)