Thursday, 2 September 2010


I know Edita and Mel since 2006. We shared office space spending all days at computers and tones of paper. We shared passion to architecture. It’s still there (somewhere) but it has been slightly shifted least in my case. Let’s say - different sort of priority.
Now is the time when we can express ourselves in more personal way.
Edita and Mel created Monofaces. Their form of expression became painting portraits. Each of them is exceptional and the only one. They call it "Snap shots" as a record of one particular moment.

We arranged photo session over a week ego. Since then i wasn't really able to develop films. Preparations to mentioned in previous post exhibition kept me quite busy for a while. Its done now anyway :)
That was the third portrait session with artists after Qasim Riza Shaheen and David Noone .
It’s always a big pleasure to work with such people as they seam to read in your mind, guessing your ideas which makes cooperation very smooth.

..some technicalities ;)
Two cameras - Graflex Crown Graphic and Hasselblad 500c/m, two films - HP5 Plus 4x5 and TMY-2 400 (tmax 400) 120 ...and as always only existing light. TMax 400 is my kind of film. Always doing the job perfectly.
We had nicely lightened spaces however i was pushing films to ISO1600. I am always doing it. Shooting with box indicated speed is almost impossible to me, especially with faster films ;) heh...
It always gives a kick and image looks better, it’s more expressive.

At the end have a look at Monofaces webpage please: