Monday, 20 September 2010


Some time ago i wrote a few words about shifting of interest and leaving architecture aside. That's true but it concerns work rather than subject matter. Architecture will always fill my head and soul in both ways - design and photography of course. It's probably one of this profession you are keeping forever. Doesn't matter where you are and what you are doing, there is a strange power forcing you to think about surrounding space and forms.

Presented in this post photographs are a kind of record of such observations and thoughts during period 2006-2008. That was the time when i could consider myself as an architectural photographer. (to see a few more photographs please click  HERE).
After that i decided to face many other subjects: street photography, portraits and so on... Architectural photography however stays as a very important one.

Next month starts Open House Dublin 2010 - Ireland’s biggest architecture festival. I am looking forward to it. Its an amazing opportunity to visit different buildings where usually access is denied, its an opportunity to talk to people about it and to exchange point of views and finally to photograph places and forms :)
I have my list of buildings i’d love to see...unfortunately many tours were booked out in first hour :( 
Well, I hope to see some of them anyway...

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