Thursday, 21 October 2010

before they will vanish...

There are some things that will never fade away. You just feel it and you know that this is IT.
...taste and flavour of good coffee, sound of vinyl record, analogue photography and modernism, especially expressed by the architecture. That's My Things.
I would like to stop here for a while. Modernist architecture.
It is interesting how much the form may affect the senses. When i am entering into such a place i am shivering. I am amazed by simplicity and functionality of surrounding forms. Everything is so fresh, so thoughtful, so genuine. I would say there is even something mystical in it.
I tried to pass these feeling some time ago during work on one of my projects. To see results please click HERE.
Over a week ago I had the opportunity to admire a few such structures. Actually two...just two... Mentioned some time ago on this blog Open House Dublin 2010 made it possible.
The Original Dublin Airport Terminal (Desmond FitzGerald, completed in 1940), Berkeley Library (ABK Architects, completed in 1967), Busáras (Michael Scott, completed in 1953) and Liberty Hall (Desmond Rea O’Kelly, completed in 1965). That was my short list. Unfortunately I couldn't make it into the first two.  Very busy time. But i celebrated every minute in the other two.
Busáras by Michael Scott - real office machine, full of live. It's one of the first post Second World War examples of the International Modern style in Europe. During the tour which took over half an hour i  felt like traveling in time.

Busaras, entrance to the offices
Busaras, canteen
 ...and Liberty Hall - fantastic, simple structure...forgotten and totally underrated. I know, i know - there is just little percentage of people who appreciate Beauty of its form. I am one of them!
Unfortunately I could see there just the entrance hall and the top floor. Admittedly we could soak up the magnificent panorama of Dublin (please see photographs - just click HERE) over there, but it was not what I was looking for. I wanted to see more within the building itself, i wanted to feel it...not enough time and no access made it impossible.

Liberty Hall, entrance hall
The sad thing is that Liberty Hall may be demolished in the nearest future to be replaced by “something new”. Why? Why not renovate it, restore the former splendor and adapt to modern requirements? Its so simple...
I found a very comprehensive website with lots of information about this disappearing symbol of Dublin. If you will have some spare time please watch this FILM (click the link). Fantastic document!
I am still thinking about photographing these buildings in a broader aspect. Maybe it will happen one day...before some of them will vanish...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

moving fast...

Friday’s morning alarm clock rang at 4.15am. Last overview of the equipment, quick coffee and about an hour later i was already on the airport waiting for my flight to Dusseldorf.
I was hired by Marlin IT Ltd to photograph one of their energy trading workshops. Marlin IT is a UK based company specialized in real time energy market simulations, operational trading software and IT services.
The last stage of my trip was 2 hours in train from Dusseldorf to Aachen, my final destination. Workshops (one of many conducted by Marlin in various European cities ) took a place in Trianel headquarters. I managed to get there just after lunch. Beautiful, sunny, bright day, nice and spacious room surrounded by glass walls gave very good light for my work. Another over two hours were fulfilled with concentration and at the same time fantastic atmosphere and vivid reactions of participants. About 4.30pm workshops were finished.

Now the trickiest part - i had just about four hours for the departure of my plane to Dublin.
Before i had to get to train station, then again about 2 hours in the train to Dusseldorf, then get to the airport and break through few security stages. I found it more time consuming and complicated then even on Heathrow Airport which was the busiest one in my opinion...up to now ;)

I made it! Everything on time. Busy and very exciting day