Wednesday, 10 November 2010

...back to the roots (cyanotype prints)

I should try it long time ago. Anyway. It's never too late ;)
Chemicals in my drawer were waiting over 2 months. I made a first attempt yesterday. Weather wasn't  good. Too dark.
First image came out with no contrast after almost 30minutes exposure. Paper wasn’t properly coated as well.
I end up with hope that another day will be little bit brighter.
“Hope often blinks at a fool” didn’t work this time. Very bright, sunny day since morning.
I had just a little bit over an hour and half during the day for this experiment. It's just enough time for few prints. I had three negatives digitally upscaled and ready.
First - 10min exposure...not sharp enough.
(I have to find better way of printing negatives in larger scale... )
Second and third about 8 minutes.

This time seeing result i was so excited... almost as when i was opening developing tank with first self developed film. hah...
All images were printed on The Langton Watercolor Aquarelle paper.