Tuesday, 11 January 2011


It's time to wake up from winter hibernation and get back to life. The only sort of resolution i decided to make this year it’s to be more busy ;)
I will carry on old projects as well as start some completely new.
At the beginning I am gonna concentrate mainly on portraits. In my case it's mostly environmental portraits however I decided recently to get more studio works as well.
I am converting part of my living space into a little studio which is absolutely enough for the purpose I am gonna use it.

First session (this year) last Sunday was fantastic. Perfect day especially for an outdoor shots. Lots of enthusiasm on both sides of the lens which is the best what can happen. Its especially much appreciated as it took over four hours(!). Thanks Magda, also for the patience ;)
...a few more sessions on the way. Edited photographs will be always visible on my Portraits Gallery , “face to face” gallery on my website or Artur Sikora Photography facebook profile with the most recent updates. (please click the links)
...and here of course....from time to time ;) 

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