Friday, 25 March 2011

...white and black

Infrared photography - my new experience. It's amazing how different everything looks like when you blocks the visible light spectrum. Everything getting colder, almost unreal.
I saw this kind of images many times but i wanted to try it myself.
Weather is beautiful since while which is perfect for such tests.
Some time ago i’ve got couple of rolls of Rollei Infrared 400 in Gunns (of course). First one went without IR filter required for such effect. I was really surprised how nice rendering is, good contrast and very nice, reach grays wasn’t IR. Suddenly I’ve got  the IR filter into my hand ( Hoya IR R72 ) some time ago. Thanks David ;)
With that combination I gave it a go once again. Destination? Phoenix Park this time. Just about 20min cycling from my place. I am not green person at all. Concrete is my natural environment as most of you already know but this location seemed to be good for the beginning.
I read a bit about different ways of shooting IR but i decided to go with the simplest one. The only detail i kept was a film speed rating. in my case it was ISO 12. Aperture f16 on all images. Following Light meter indications it gave me shutter speed 1/4 -1/2 on all film.
Yesterday was really really bright day so longer exposure wasn't necessary.
In the afternoon quick film souping following instruction from massive dev chart on   and that’s it :)
(please click on each photograph to see it bigger)