Monday, 17 December 2012

'This is my place...'

I just realised that amount of equipment I am using during photography session is growing up every time I am starting new series :) Everything is getting bigger and heavier. Maybe I have to think seriously about come back to 35mm ;) 
...maybe one day. For now I'll keep photographing with large cameras ;)

'This is my place…' . Series I am working on since April this year /already presented on my FB page and website/. Simple portraits taken in so called comfort zone of photographed people. 
At the beginning it suppose to be only area where they live. I changed my mind however expanding it also to the places where they obviously feel good. It gives new possibilities which makes all series more interesting I suppose. 
Portait you can see below was taken last Saturday. For the first time it wasn't living place and also for the first time in this series it was indoor session.
...and quite unusual location - All Hallows College

'This is my place...' will grow up. Another portrait  I took on Sunday morning is ready for presentation ;) Please follow my FB page for updates.

And now something completely different :)

As this is my last post in 2012 I would like to wish
All The Best in New Year to all people who visiting my blog! ...and before that - Happy Christmas of course to all of you who celebrating it :) 
Many thanks for being here...