Monday, 14 January 2013

Keeping myself busy...

Time for a bit of self-promotion ;) 

It is information rather for those who are not aware of the fact that I am offering a few services related to photography.
I would say even more - they are all related to celluloid based traditional film photography ;)
Let's start then....

Darkroom Service
This one is for photographers, both amateurs and professionals and also for all those who keep their old negatives in boxes and would like to archive/transfer them into hard drive or CD. 

What is it all about?

Darkroom Service offers hand processing of professional B&W negative films from 35mm up to large format 4x5 and high resolution scanning (2400dpi or even higher) - colour and B&W negatives and slides up to 8x10.
Excellent quality and really good prices.

As a Darkroom Service I am offering also B&W negative film processing workshops. It covers traditional way of developing or alternative, using COFFEE. Decision is made by a student.

Here I would like to point that I am open to any form of cooperation with schools or camera clubs on the field of B&W film photography.
Last year I was providing such workshop in National College of Art and Design (NCAD) as a part of Photography and Digital Imaging Course (PDI). I have been also teaching for a few months traditional photography and darkroom printing techniques in The Academy of Photography (within DLight Studio).

You can have a look at website for details.

First of all however I am a photographer specializing in portraiture and architectural photography. I work exclusively with analogue equipment which make all process and its result very special and unique.
I am open for commissions!

phot. Rafal Krol
Please contact me in case of any questions or simply if you would like to book a session.
You can have a look at my website for further details -

Thank you! 

Long live film :)