Saturday, 20 July 2013


I am back to Liberty Hall... full of elegance but somehow forgotten building.
I already wrote a lot about it in my 'What's left?' article and the older one 'Before they will vanish'. This time I will show only a couple of photographs from conference room (very important from historical point of view) and theater.
I have to admit that it wouldn't be possible without a big help of Josephine and Peter. Thank you very much for that!

More photographs will be presented on my FB website soon. You can also have a look at constantly growing 'Unfulfilled Dreams' series in HERE . Thank you!


Sinar F2
Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 150mm 5.6
Fomapan 100 4x5 in Kodak Xtol

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

'A Day for Bernardos'

Welcome back after quite a long break. I am very busy recently so not much time left for blogging.
I would like to show here however a couple of photographs from latest assignment just to keep you up-to-date ;)

Last Sunday I've been asked by friend of mine Christina Breen, Yoga Teacher and Montessori Educator /Chroi Yoga/ to take some portraits during event she was organizing for Bernardos Ireland.
To all of you who don't know - Bernardos is a British charity organization founded by Dr Thomas John Barnardo in 1866, to care for vulnerable children and young people. 
'A Day for Bernardos' took a place in Olive Tree Studio in Dublin.
Workshops runned by Christina and also Michael McCann, Yoga Philosopher and teacher  from Northern Ireland ended up with very emotional concert by Mia Parsons, singer and writer with her friend Evelyn on guitar.

Mia Parsons and Evelyn
Michael McCann
Taking into account my busy schedule I was able to spend over there just about half an hour. Very enjoyable half an hour. I was impressed how 'A Day For Bernardos' was organized. Well done Christina!
Also meeting new to me, inspiring and talented people it's always a pleasure.

Some technical info...
For this assignment I was using my reliable Hasselblad 500c/m with Planar 80mm 2.8 lens and my favourite film Kodak TMax 400 pulled this time to 100.

...Mia's song at the end: