Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bus Garage...

Sunday afternoon I packed my cameras, tripod and left my place going towards the second building I visited during this year Open House 2013 Festival. There was a bit of traffic at this time but there is also always place for bicycle. 
Yes, it is possible to cycle with Large and medium format cameras in bags and tripod. It is just a matter of proper loading the 'vehicle' haha
So I reached my destination with almost no time despite mentioned traffic. 

Donnybrook Bus Garage... completed in 1951 was designed by Michael Scott /Scott Tallon Walker/, author of another beautiful building photographed by me about a year ago - Busaras. 

Somehow I missed the slot with guided tour so had to wait about 30minutes for another. I decided to make a photograph waiting for it. 
The main part in the image was obvious. Famous structure of this classic building. 
Absolutely impressive!

Donnybrook Bus Garage
'Donnybrook was the first of seven other garages to be built and as the brief was similar for each, Michael Scott/Ove Arup proposed a modular shell construction solution with a column free 33.5m x12.2m bay size - 1.9m deep x 500mm wide beams supported the thin shell which varied in thickness from 75mm to 100mm. This innovative world first solution also included a continuous roof light at the apex. (...)'
 /info from leaflet delivered before each tour/

All of you who would like to know a little bit more about this particular garage and its authors please have a look at his LINK.

Donnybrook Bus Garage, Elevation

All process of preparation to make this image (the first one) and photographing itself took a little bit over 30minutes…I obviously missed another tour. Quick decision - I packed all equipment and cycled back to Dublin Port Centre to make one of the photograph presented in previous post…. 'View over the Port'.


  1. Arthur is the top picture shot with a tilt shift lens & do they have a collection of old buses lying about in there?

    1. Hi Shane, First photograph was taken with large format camera which is tilt/shift itself and Fomapan 100 B&W negative film exposed at ISO 64. As for buses - those old once were there during Open House Festival. Not really sure if it's permanent exhibition. I would say no but the best way to check it is probably talk to somebody from Donnybrook garage. Cheers

    2. Thanks - lovely shot, very low ISO - possibly needed a long exposure to capture what now looks like a very well lit space? Are the concrete beams that well lit or is it all you doing?

    3. There was plenty of light. Beams are nicely illuminated because of roof light in-between them. I don't remember exact exposure but it was about 1s. Thanks a lot!

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