Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New website and Fine Art Prints

  Once I came back from my holidays in August I was literally bombed with commercial assignments which for some reason I was avoiding before. This time I decided to face new venture and I must say - I really enjoy it :)
In this situation there is not much space left for pure creativity unfortunately. 
My temporary abandoned projects however will eventually back to live sooner or later and I will be also more active online.
...So here I am after about 3 months of absence on this blog ;)


As many of you already know I managed to launch the new website about 3 weeks ago.
This one covers more information, it's faster and mobile friendly.
I would like to point here quite important feature - incorporated ecommerce. 
I moved all my fine art prints sales into one place - my website (click HERE please).

At the same time I would like to introduce new series of fine art limited edition prints which many people asked about.
From now on I am selling copies of photographs I am making walking around Dublin with my Large Format camera loaded with Direct Positive Paper, material which is not produced anymore.
Limited edition prints keeps the same size as originals ...4x5inch.
Each of them will be printed by myself and framed by professional framer.
Frame size will be apx 14x15 inch.

Each limited edition photograph (15 pieces) will be printed on a beautiful Canson Infinity Rag Photographique museum quality matte paper, pencil signed on print recto and signed, stamped with date, print date and edition number in ink on print verso. 

As for now 8 photographs from this particular series is for sale and 4 other including very popular 'Film House'.

Also if someone decide to go for the original one and the only wet print which was exposed in the camera (instead of limited edition copy) it is possible to buy them on Saatchi Art Online Gallery. There is 6 available at the moment. These will be also framed by framer and delivered by courier.
Please click HERE 

Below are all links once again.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints:

Original Prints on Saatchi Art:

Thank you!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Untaken photograph...

   Saturday morning. Bright light from the window woke me up. There was still very early as the street was relatively quite.  I can't sleep too long in a new places anyway, especially while traveling. It's probably due to all excitement and willingness to know the place, to feel it.
  I went out. Fresh, cold winter air filled my lungs. Beautiful sunny day. I turned right to Friedrichstraße and went down the street, crossed the bridge and turned right again walking along Spree River. Just wanted to go straight ahead without any specific plan, absorb the city... 
  City was waking up. Almost empty streets, very few cars and lovely aroma of coffee here and there. I crossed the bridge again getting back to the other side of the river. Trusting only my senses I ended up at Alexanderplatz. Perfect place. Place which still reminds me old East Berlin. I fill strange pleasure being surrounded by such structures from few decades back. Massive, full of pride buildings. Never have such impression walking through these new glassy structures... they don't exist for me anymore...

  Coffee... I was a bit surprised that I survived so long without it. I crossed already very busy Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. The time flies. More people, more cars on the street... 
Amazing how fast morning quietness turning into constant noise... All of it confuses me a lot. Usually I am looking subconsciously for desolation and tranquility. That's why early morning is the best time for a walk. On the other hand I wouldn't be able to survive without such everyday noise and all consequences comes with it. I know It's a bit bizarre but I found the way how to deal with it.
... It is like I am trying to build sound proof translucent wall around me which also protects me agains all these crowds. I am staying, observing, recording everything in my head. 

I feel like invisible.

  Coffee ... I just followed the aroma. I've immediately entered into one of these huge concrete building going along the street. I spotted cafe on my right hand side. Doors opens. Bright space. A few square tables with plastic covers on them. There was nobody except two mid age ladies in white aprons behind old counter. I was looking for a while and couldn't believe. Time in this place has stopped about 30 years ago. I could feel how real this place is...The right time, the right place. I got my coffee and sat down behind one of mentioned tables in the corner.

In that moment I realised that I am not alone. On the other side, a few tables away there was this elderly man drinking his tea from a glass. 65 maybe 70 years old, checkered shirt. He was siting straight, head supported by both hands, looking at street behind the window. He almost did not move. 
Something magical was in this so normal scene. I obviously felt like watching film. 
What he was thinking about? 
Why he was not moving? 
I didn't do anything. I don't know what I could do at all except watching it...
No idea how long it took... I am sure it was long enough as I lost completely contact with reality. My imagination was buzzing... I was like hypnotized. Simple scene but at the same time so engaging.

Maybe this man was also invisible ...

I went out. Busy street, lots of people around and image of this man and his tea in my head...


  No, I did not take a photograph even if it was so perfectly and naturally staged ... Why?
It was over 5 years ago. is still in my head since then but just recently I realised that there was a reason for that. 
  Every single element of this episode - the time, place, emotions and so on – was probably too complex to close it into one single frame. I had to 'record' several layers of this particular moment in my head using only my eyes and senses and place them together creating multiexposure-like image...very reach, very realistic and long lasting...
  Some moments in our life better to remember exactly in that way. It become more realistic even if after years it may be actually far from the reality ...

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pigeon House..

Following the path described in previous post 'Baths' I would like to show here a few more of my old photographs which are research materials only but still worth a look.
Before my several visits to Dun Laoghaire and Blackrock baths I snicked into completely different structure - Victorian power station also known as a Pigeon House, where electricity strted to be generated in 1903.  
This plant was decommissioned in 1976, when new power station Poolbeg (still known locally as the Pigeon House) was constructed. .
You can have a look at a few more images from that place I posted here straight after my visit about 4 years ago. Here is the LINK 
This place has an amazing potential for everyone who likes exploring and industrial photography. The only limitation is an access ...officially forbidden and what's comes with it - very limited amount of time you can spend there if you manage to get inside.


Monday, 16 June 2014


Back in 2009/2010 I was working on a small documentary project. That was a moment when I decided to step back into college after almost 10 years.
This time just for one year. Photography and Digital Imaging at NCAD - very good course I would recommend to anyone who would like to extend his knowledge about visual art, history of photography and first of all learn how to approach every single project. That was the reason why I decided to be there.
As a self-taught photographer working already a couple of years I wanted to learn something more then just a technicalities or basic knowledge about composition which was a big part of my architectural education (years before).
PDI course gave me all of it. Beside that I met a lot of fantastic people.

Also for the last two years I was invited to run a darkroom part of this course with new students. Another fantastic experience.

Lets get back to the gist of this post - mentioned documentary project. Doing a research I focused on abandoned places and traces. 

I would like to show here two of them - Dun Laoghaire and Blackrock Baths. Both built in 19 century when bathing started to be very popular.
I never showed
before most of these images but I think they are worth a look and it’s an interesting documentary material especially when Blackrock Baths don’t exist anymore.
Lots of historical photographs and information is available online so I will focus here only on its visual part. These are only research materials and were not used in the final project.

The Blackrock baths built beside the Blackrock train station were provided for by the railway company in 1839. They could accommodate up to 1000 spectators and were well known for swimming galas and water polo.

Blackrock Baths were closed in late 1980s and then dismantled due to lack of maintenance. In 2012 they were demolished.

Dun Laoghaire Baths. This very popular place at the time it was built in 1843. 
'There was a range of bathing options including sea and fresh water, hot and cold baths. Children had their own pond and paddling pools and there was medical baths. These included sulphur, seaweed and Russian and hot sea-water.' 
(info. Abandoned Ireland)
Now it is abandoned and decayed after it’s closure in the end of 1990s.
There are however plans for its restoration. 

Stepping into each part of these objects was very emotional as always in such a situation. These are disappearing structures with great history.

All above photographs were taken with my beloved back then Mamiya C330 Professional with 80mm 2.8 lens and Ilford FP4+ (as far as I remember).

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Prints on Saatchi Art

I decided to put on sale some of my photographs made on Direct Positive Paper. 
I am talking here about original 4x5 inch wet prints made in camera and processed in darkroom. These are always one of a kind single copies.

one of the wet prints available for sale

Direct Positive Paper itself is not available for sale anymore which makes such photographs even more unique.
All images are signed (at the back of the print and front of mounting board) and will be framed (
wooden frame) by a professional framer.

Example of framed wet print

All of it is available on Saatchi Art website. /LINK/
Soon I will also put on sale limited edition of its copies (pigment prints) on archival (museum quality) paper. Limited edition prints will be available on my ETSY shop. /LINK/

Thank you!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

'Streets' - publication and exhibition by Seities

Long awaited copy of SEITIES magazine, winter issue with theme 'streets' arrived yesterday.
Absolutely wonderful independent publication supporting traditional photography.

Founded in Calgary 'SEITIES is a Non-profit Contemporary Photography Publication, Gallery, & Educational Organization. SEITIES aims to promote national and international artists by encouraging and supporting traditional methods of production in photography and giving an open platform to alternative analogue photographers who utilize traditional methods in their contemporary photography practices.' (info SEITIES)

Couple of months before that I received a message that 2 of my photographs will be published in mentioned winter issue. Also 2 of my pieces has been selected for exhibition which will take a place in Shelf Life Books in Calgary (Canada) with opening 14th of March while official  Publication Launch.
I feel truly honored as all photographs in magazine represents very high standard and are simply beautiful as magazine itself.

There are actually three photographs involved...
First one - Immortal 'Film House' which became almost my signature in the last years. The Winner of the B&W photographer of the year competition was published already several times in Ireland, UK, Poland and now in Canada. This photograph means a lot to me for many reasons. The most important one? It clearly explains my way of seeing...

Film House

Another published photograph it's one of the recent creations recorded on my favorite these days medium - Direct Positive Paper. Theme is still the same...streets of Dublin

As mentioned before two photographs were selected for exhibition. 
Here comes 'Film House' again.
As only traditionally made photographs are accepted by SEITIES I had an opportunity to spend a few hours in darkroom working with my own negatives for a change. I chose  Fomaton MG Classic baryta based warmtone paper which gives truly unique look.
The second image sent to gallery (another recent creation), was an original  the one and the only print on direct positive paper (Harman/Ilford  glossy double weight baryta base paper) which you can see below.

Both photographs (wet prints) were beautifully framed by J&J Framing LTD in Ranelagh.

All of it is really exciting and makes me believe that there is more and more people allover the world for whom traditional photography is important and means a lot. Thank you SEITIES!

Also please don't forget about the other group exhibition 'Illumine', where I am showing my work, in Darkroom Gallery (Vermont, US) which I described in previous post (LINK).

Thank you!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


2011, 2012... very active period  with a few important for me exhibitions in London (B&W Photographer of The Year) and Dublin ('Coffee Flavour', Royal Hibernian Academy Annual exhibition, Inspirational Arts Gallery and Backloft Gallery). 

That was also the time when my son was born (second child) and I started to share my everyday duties in-between work and children. Not much of it left for purely creative activity. 
I had to slow down a bit...
I also had to gain some distance to my work and think what's next. 
Now I feel  like I am getting slowly to the end of this stage...
That's why I am coming back this year after over 12 months break...
About 2 months ago I released 'Coffee Flavour' photo album  and now there are also  two exhibitions on its way.
I had a sort of idea how to start motoring again but I have to admit that the way it happened really surprised me. Especially if we are talking about the time frame...

The Mill

'The Mill', as this is the title to above piece, it's one of my recent creations.
This photograph was selected for the group exhibition 'Illumine' in Darkroom Gallery, in Essex Jct, Vermont, US.
It is quite important event for me as for the first time my work physically will be shown outside Europe. 
Certainly it's not the last one as another exhibition in Calgary, Canada along with publication in Seities magazine is coming later this month.

Building you can see on the photograph it's a Bolland's Mill located on Barrow Street in Dublin /Ireland/.
Fascinating abandoned structure with an amazing power of attraction.
Image was made on Harman/Ilford Direct Positive Paper using 4x5 large format camera. Exhibited copy is printed and framed by the Gallery.

Now why Illumine?

'Every photograph is about light. Light, which is a plastic medium capable of being physically manipulated, is the key ingredient shared by all photographs and the determinant in the look of every photograph you make. Light’s primal authority defines the essence of a subject. The powerful glue that holds your image together, light makes known the emotional and physical contents within your visual space and activates vision and meaning. Every image provides a different set of conditions in which we can experience light. If the light does not inhabit and reveal the perceived nature of the subject, the picture will not communicate the content you wish to transmit to a viewer. In that sense, pictures are about what others are able to see in them.' Juror Robert Hirsch 

Exhibition opens tomorrow, 6th of March and will run until the end of the month, 30th of March.
If any of you will be around Vermont and especially Essex Junction, please visit Darkroom Gallery where lots of very good exhibitions taking place.

Gallery Info:

Darkroom Gallery
12 Main St.
Essex Jct., VT 05452-3132

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-4:00 and by appt.
(802) 777-FOTO (3686)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Two worlds...

Once again I moved with all my cameras to Olive Tree Studio for a few hours. Once again I was photographing yoga classes but this time  in a bit different way. That was over a week ago.
'Mother/child' and 'Partner' yoga - the theme of my latest session.
To get a context please come back to the previous article where all about Chroi Yoga/Christina Breen (my client) and Olive Tree Studio has been already said. Please click HERE.

This session as the first one was very well prepared in advance by myself and Christina. We met a few times to discus in details how everything should looks like. All this project is my first experience with yoga photography so it was important to know what exactly I should focus on while working on such a specific and very challenging assignment. 
Especially in my case - completely non-yogic person. 
What was important for Christina is my style of photography, her vision and belief that these two worlds /my B&W play of lights, shadows and forms and Christina's bright, mindful way to attain a state of permanent peace/ will work together perfectly. 
...And she was right. It works really well!
I created a series of photographs which shows many significant aspects of yoga represented by Christina as a professional yoga teacher.

We spent some time also after both session talking about every single photograph I edited out from all bunch of processed negatives. That was another interesting experience as we were looking at it from completely different perspectives having in mind mentioned two worlds /our private worlds/. 
There was a few photographs we had opposite opinion about but our conversation created  a really good way to understand each others point of view and find a 'way in the middle'.


...Also as before, presented photographs are just a samples. All series you will be able to see in-between other photographs on ChroiYoga new website soon.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

homage to Mies van der Rohe...

Wandering down the Baggot Street it is impossible to miss this structure. Firstly because of its controversial location (Georgian Street) and some shameful moments in its construction history - demolition of Georgian houses at 5am on a Sunday morning 1 April 1973 in order to make a place for new building.
Secondly because of its wonderfully geometric, dignified form.

The Bank of Ireland head office, designed by Ronnie Tallon, of  Scott Tallon Walker Architects.

It is a perfect example of modernist architecture strongly influenced by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of a few pioneering masters of modern architecture and his 1950s Seagram Building in New York.
Bank of Ireland HQ has even the same type of facade.

Despite the history it is truly impressive, very elegant and well constructed building with its beautiful minimalist details, brown coloured cladding and tinted glass. 
It consists of three blocks constructed between 1968 and 1978.

All photographs shows only external part as there is no access to the building right now. It is vacant since about 2 years when Bank of Ireland decided to relocate after about 40 years.

Technical info:

Sinar F2 large format camera 4x5 with Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 150mm 5.6 and Super-Angulon 90mm 8.0 lenses, Fomapan 100@64 4x5 negative film.

Monday, 27 January 2014

'Coffee Flavour'...

  Sound of coffee maker is the first sound I can hear every morning after alarm clock. Wonderful aroma fills all the place along with it.
That’s the time to seat down with a cup of steaming coffee and travel in my mind to different places, think about different situations…or have a nice chat. 

I have to repeat such a moments a few times during the day … this is the time with ‘Coffee Flavour’...

My routine made me think about transferring it into still images. I wanted to show such a moments which are very important for many of us, moments of contemplation.
That was December 2009 when I made a first photograph. 'Coffee Flavour’ grew up since then to a significant series of portraits, which are not necessary meant to show people but rather their minds.
I made the last photograph in summer 2013. That was a four years of work...
Most of you remember also exhibition in Ranelagh Arts Centre in November 2011. I showed there over 20 prints back then.  That was the moment when these photographs were presented for the first time in a full glow.

Now I have in the front of me beautifully printed album - 'Coffee Flavour’ ... album which is a final version and kind of capstone of all series.

And what can I say... It's wonderful. 
It is printed on fantastic Blurb's premium matte paper 8x10inch (20x25cm) and I am really impressed by its built quality. 
As for content... all 'Coffee Flavour' series is presented here. 
Thirty portraits of minds/thoughts.  
It’s so good to look at these portraits printed in that form rather than seeing it only on a computer screen.

I was hoping to get it done before Christmas. Small delay however was inevitable due to some technical problems.
As I mentioned before on my facebook website I used a Blurb service for this purpose. That was the only option at this stage. Blurb is a print on demand service and requires a specific approach while preparing all files. Sometimes it is necessary to make a few reprints to be sure that final book will be printed in the way as it should be.  Beside that printing B&W photographs is a real challenge. 
I have to admit that Blurb's customer service is very helpful which make all process very smooth.
Below is a link to (update 01/05/2014) where you can purchase 'Coffee Flavour'. It is available in three different cover versions: softcover, hardcover with dust jacket and hardcover with image wrap.

Please click HERE to go directly into online shop.

Here I would like to thank all people who helped me with this project! That means a lot to me!
...and I really hope you will like it! Thanks a lot!!!