Monday, 27 January 2014

'Coffee Flavour'...

  Sound of coffee maker is the first sound I can hear every morning after alarm clock. Wonderful aroma fills all the place along with it.
That’s the time to seat down with a cup of steaming coffee and travel in my mind to different places, think about different situations…or have a nice chat. 

I have to repeat such a moments a few times during the day … this is the time with ‘Coffee Flavour’...

My routine made me think about transferring it into still images. I wanted to show such a moments which are very important for many of us, moments of contemplation.
That was December 2009 when I made a first photograph. 'Coffee Flavour’ grew up since then to a significant series of portraits, which are not necessary meant to show people but rather their minds.
I made the last photograph in summer 2013. That was a four years of work...
Most of you remember also exhibition in Ranelagh Arts Centre in November 2011. I showed there over 20 prints back then.  That was the moment when these photographs were presented for the first time in a full glow.

Now I have in the front of me beautifully printed album - 'Coffee Flavour’ ... album which is a final version and kind of capstone of all series.

And what can I say... It's wonderful. 
It is printed on fantastic Blurb's premium matte paper 8x10inch (20x25cm) and I am really impressed by its built quality. 
As for content... all 'Coffee Flavour' series is presented here. 
Thirty portraits of minds/thoughts.  
It’s so good to look at these portraits printed in that form rather than seeing it only on a computer screen.

I was hoping to get it done before Christmas. Small delay however was inevitable due to some technical problems.
As I mentioned before on my facebook website I used a Blurb service for this purpose. That was the only option at this stage. Blurb is a print on demand service and requires a specific approach while preparing all files. Sometimes it is necessary to make a few reprints to be sure that final book will be printed in the way as it should be.  Beside that printing B&W photographs is a real challenge. 
I have to admit that Blurb's customer service is very helpful which make all process very smooth.
Below is a link to (update 01/05/2014) where you can purchase 'Coffee Flavour'. It is available in three different cover versions: softcover, hardcover with dust jacket and hardcover with image wrap.

Please click HERE to go directly into online shop.

Here I would like to thank all people who helped me with this project! That means a lot to me!
...and I really hope you will like it! Thanks a lot!!!