Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wedding portraits...

In early 2013 I started Studio AS commercial photography service. Before that for several years my work was dedicated strictly to traditional Black and White photography - personal projects, assignments (portraits and architecture) and also teaching (darkroom printing and film processing). Even if this is still core of my photography I decided to open myself for its all other aspects. It is not only about adding extra gear. It's all about overall approach. There is always something new to learn ;)
My offer broadened since mentioned 2013. Now it covers also different sorts of events.

This short article is exactly about one of them - Wedding… new (for me) type of event which from now on will permanently stays in Studio AS - Commercial  Photography offer.

So just a few words before you will see photographs...

Photography session that day took a place in a few locations - 
Beautiful St. Brendan's Church (Clodiagh) (1785-1805) near Inistioge, Inistioge itself and Cullintra House a few kilometers away. After small and very stylish ceremony we focused on portraits of Ania and Gerry in their very special day. 
Two weeks later we met again to create classic wedding portrait with large format 4x5 inch camera and B&W negative film. This time it was in Dublin. Lighting was perfect including wonderful darkness of the trees in the park as a background which allowed me to achieve really nice strong contrast (which I love) and make overall portrait more vibrant.

© Artur Sikora (Dublin)

Below are portraits we made straight after wedding ceremony. These are just a selected examples of series of images I was working on that day.

© Studio AS (Cullintra House)
© Studio AS (Inistioge)

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