Friday, 26 February 2016


About a week ago I got finally some spare time and also a lot of light coming along…seams like an amazing configuration in such a dark and wet winter days. That was also the moment I could finally go out with my camera and focus once again on the most important for me project after a long break - ‘Unfulfilled Dreams’ …

I wasn't really expecting such a good moment right now so decided to go with the flow. No earlier preparation or big plans… I just knew what to do and how I wanted to do it in this particular moment. 

The idea for this session was in my head since a few years now. There was however always something more important. Apparently not this time …

Mespil Estate - Mespil Lodge and Cherry House
Elm House

Mespil Estate - very unique place I was passing by so many times. Beautiful, simple forms with fantastic details. 
Elm House, Mespil Lodge, Cherry House, Oak House, Maple House, Ilex House, Fir House, Willow House, Beech House, Rowan House, Mespil House, Sycamore House, Cedar House and swimming pool in the middle… All of these buildings surrounded by incredible green spaces. 
That day, in that wonderful light all these red brick structures, colourful trees around them and smooth grass made it absolutely special place to be. 
It is like an oasis in the city centre. 

Sycamore House and Cedar House (front elevations)
Rowan House
Sycamore House and Cedar House (rear elevations)
Cherry House (rear elevation)

I wish new apartments to be designed and build in such a synergy with the surrounding environment. 

Construction of Mespil Estate designed by Tyndall Hogan Hurley Associates started in early 50s previous century. Sounds like an ages ago …

Some tech info traditionally:

All photographs made with Hasselblad 500c/m + Planar 80/2.8 and Distagon 50/4 + Ilford Pan F Plus 50 at box speed.