Sunday, 1 July 2018

Kino Kijów / Kiev Cinema

Kraków. March 2017. On the way back home.
There was still a few hours left to plane departure so I decided to spend it walking with camera (Polaroid SX-70) and visit a few architectural sites. Kino Kijów (Kiev Cinema) -  building designed in between 1961-63 by Witold Cęckiewicz and opened in 1967 was one of them. 
It's one of the finest examples of polish modernism. It was also the biggest (960 spectators), most modern and the first widescreen cinema in Poland back then.
Kiev Cinema is a part of complex with beautiful Hotel Cracovia designed by the same architect in 1965.

Original photographs of the interior of Kiev Cinema on the pages of  'Witold Cęckiewicz – monograph' 

Kiev Cinema - Rear Elevation
 with fragment Hotel Cracovia 
(1965) in the background 
© Artur Sikora

I was especially intrigued by a beauty and simplicity of the form of southern elevation (image bellow). I made a photograph which I wasn't entirely happy with. It was lacking something... 
Just a few minutes later I notices an elderly lady slowly walking towards the building. That was the time to make another approach. I visualised wonderful contrast coming in ... monumental concrete wall and somehow fragile, tiny old lady... Quick focus adjustments and now just await for the moment the lady will walk in to the right position. Click....

Kiev Cinema - Southern Elevation© Artur Sikora

In January 2018 this photographs was published in Black+White Photography magazine (digital edition) - B&W Photographer of the Year 2018 competition edition - selection of the judges’ favourites.

Now copy of the same photograph can be viewed on the wall of Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery as a part of RHA 188th Annual Exhibition (until the end of August)
Wonderful show definitely worth a visit if you are around.

Thank you!