Sunday, 9 December 2018

Destruction of architectural heritage

Couple of years ago I photographed two significant buildings representing influential movement in history of architecture… 'Along The Canal ...' (Please click this link to read described post and see mentioned photographs.)
Today these structures are gone, flattened , destroyed…
Dublin (and not only I am afraid) already has a record of treating valuable buildings  in a shameful way in past century. 
'Dublin Disappearing Over Night'  ... Georgian Houses back then. Modernist architecture now.
Incredible, vital concrete structures are endangered being replaced by shiny glass blocks.
This time not overnight but on equally massive scale and it seams to be unstoppable.


Bord Fáilte headquarters designed by Robin Walker (of later Michael Scott & Partners) in 1961.  

© Artur Sikora

© Artur Sikora
Fitzwilton House designed by architects Emanuel Shoolheifer and Don Burley and completed in 1969.  

© Artur Sikora
© Artur Sikora

And some time before that...

© Artur Sikora

© Artur Sikora

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  1. It's terrible to see, but as you say, all too common.
    In the UK, there is a growing movement of people that appreciate these buildings and protests and petitions are often organised to try and save them.
    It's a reminder of why it is important to be photographing these places before they disappear.

    1. DoCoMoMo Ireland tried to stop demolition of Bord Fáilte. Unsuccessfully.
      This is also the reason why I do photograph modernism (especially in Ireland) for many years now. Thanks for your comment Ian!

  2. Irish builders/developers have always been given a free hand to destroy whatever they want, all in the name of profit. They’re closely aligned with the political establishment, which makes it easier.

  3. Thank you for bearing such eloquent witness, Artur.