Wednesday, 20 July 2011

...a journey through time

Looks like i had quite a break since last post. Every time i though about new one i ended up doing something “more important”, which apparently distracted me from writing. But hey I am still here ;)
Me and my “specific” visual perception, with emphasized slightly darker, very often disliked part of the surrounding. Especially if we are talking about urban landscapes or landscapes at all. Such a places always draws my attention as they are obviously much more interesting. It's forcing to think deeply, to imagine...
During last couple of months I spent a few days in Poland. Even in that typical happy summery weather over there - about 30°C, sunny and stuffy days i managed to find and show places matching my aesthetic...empty, dark and in some way mysterious.
Truly short time. I can consider it however as a journey through the past. Through the places i know, where i grew up ... 



  1. To ostatnie jest przepiękne! Chciałabym mieć taki cottage na własność:))

  2. dziekuje!:)
    mysle ze jest sporo takich domow w Polsce, ktore (co zakrawa na ironie) sa nikomu niepotrzene...wiec jest szansa zdobycia czegos takiego bez wiekszej walki. podsuwam plan na przyszlosc ;)

  3. that's what i wanted to achieve :) Thank you Jeanette!